What To Expect

Expect something different!

Our Core Beliefs for Patients:

Adding VALUE to the patient’s life by solving their Complex Problems in regard to their health. INTEGRITY in how we deliver our advice, gratitude in the healing abilities of the body, humor in remembering each of our follies, order in our presentations and directions, and finally delivering our care in a way that honors the incredible healing force within the body.

We feel that the wellness revolution begins  in our office. We are a place to bring your newborns and stay up to our final goodbyes. A place where answers to our health questions are given that both make sense and support the human spirit and its physical body.

Our Purpose:

To teach the world that healing comes from within. Structure, emotions, food, and environment must work together in harmony.  This harmony is what allows us to activate our fullest potential.  By constantly improving this process, disease becomes a story in our past.


Many daily activities take the normal positioning of our spine and distort it.  It can start as early as the day you are born and continues with each step you learn to take.  Fast forward through toddler, sports, school book bags, athletics, and now many of us find ourselves in office chairs stagnant for hours a day.  This takes a toll on the spine.  Each day we don’t move properly means more and more interference with our spines ability to keep us healthy.


What are controllable stressors vs uncontrollable stressors?  Do you know how every day stress can spin your system faster and faster aging you years before you should?  Do you know that your structure, nutritional and environment all can make you day happier if in alignment or absolutely out of control when it’s not.  Come learn strategies no matter what age category you are in to help you put forward a course of incredible health!


Food is our fuel.  What you eat does matter.  More and more we are eating factory by products and we don’t even know it. How is the body suppose to function and repair if it is never given any building blocks to do so?  At Health inc. this is one of our primary assessments if you are to obtain your health goals then you must fuel yourself to do it- we will help identify the best way for you to eat and then give you plans, recipes and support to make it happen!


So many chemicals are present in today’s environment.  We find many cancer-causing agents in our baby shampoos, lotions, and mouth-washes. If our goal is health then no stone can be left unturned. What are the hidden ways you are sabotaging yourself and not even knowing it?  We have classes, check-lists and celebrations when you have eliminated them all!