New Patients

Trust. A simple 5 letter, 1 syllable word with such huge meaning. When a patient walks through my front door I know the courage it takes to bring your issues to yet another doctor, hoping maybe this one will be different and listen and maybe, just maybe, this one will give us some answers.

I take great pride in our office, being different. Our approach, our paperwork, our testing, and my team. When you get started with me, I want to know you, how your stressors are, your marriage, your family, job, are you sedentary or exercising every day at 5 am. It is these little items that many times I have found clues to helping patients the most.

When we accept a patient, we accept them into our practice family. We don’t accept everyone, only those who we feel we can help attain a significant amount of their health goals. Unlike most doctors who look to dismiss you once they have solved your primary objective, we look to build a relationship with you so that we can be more of a preventative practitioner altering our care as your health changes and what you wish to obtain changes. I will give you an example – One patient came in for severe lower back pain, quite quickly this was resolved. Upon asking him his next health goal he wondered if he would ever run again, our care transitioned into what could we do to assist him to run again and we developed an exercise, eating, and adjusted his schedule to maximize this goal, once he was running his goals changed again to marathons and now he is 45 lbs lighter and training for his first Ironman. He can’t imagine not having us at his side for his physical, mental, and nutritional support during this training. Your wellness goals are possible and we show you how to achieve those.

We have patients in our office for hundreds of reasons everything from newborns whose parents wish to give them the best right from the start to severe illnesses who are looking for a natural way of care. Whatever has brought you here, Welcome. Expect Miracles, We Do.

Dr. Jessica

How to Get Started

Click on the appropriate form below on a computer (this will not work on your phone), fill out the editable fields and then save.

Once your form is filled out, save it to your computer and email it to us at 

After the forms are emailed, Schedule your New Patient Exam HERE.

Forms must be emailed 24 hours before your appointment, or the appointment will be canceled.

If you do not have a computer, please print forms and scan them to email or mail them to Health Inc.

Patient Form (for Women)

Patient Form (for Men)

Youth Patient Form (Ages 13 and younger)


Your First Appointment

After your appointment has been accepted by Health Inc, you will get a confirmation email. You will want to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment is scheduled. In your appointment, you will be getting a Wellness Exam done by a Health Inc Team Member. This is a combination of X-Rays, Nutritional Testing, Range of Motion Testing and Thermal Scans.

Your Second Appointment

This appointment will be scheduled before you leave your first appointment. This is where Dr. Jessica will review her findings and explain the action plan she has prepared for you. You will have a Nutritional Appointment, a Chiropractic Adjustment, and any other Trauma Release Techniques she has prepared for you.

Your Third Appointment

Based on your action plan, this will be a Nutritional Appointment, a Chiropractic Adjustment or a combination of the two with a possible add on of a Trauma Release Technique.