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Chiropractic was established in 1895 when DD Palmer adjusted a vertebra in Harvey Lillard’s mid-back after he told DD that 17 years prior he had bent over, heard a pop, and went deaf. Since that time Chiropractic has been helping people reach their health goals by restoring the natural communication occurring between the brain and the body through the nervous system. Your body sends and receives over 17 trillion messages per minute. Minor changes in the body’s posture can result in a delay of messages, and over time this results in a process of dis-ease. By re-aligning the spine and its joints, posture is restored and the mechanics of the body continue to improve.  It is for this reason many people are turning to chiropractic to not only restore their health but also to improve their performance at any age. Within the profession, there are many adjusting techniques that serve this purpose. In our office, we concentrate on the mechanics of the body and the balancing of the brain through adjustments.

 Nutritional Assessments

This is a very powerful and personalized technique done by having the Doctor use their hand to connect, pressing lightly on a patient’s wrist and test the strength of the response. This is done while simultaneously checking acupuncture points, reflex locations, body organs, and muscle groups. This will identify the stressors adversely affecting your organs or glands, identify their priority and determine the support tools to correct your imbalance(s).

Dr. Jessica uses this method to help chose the correct whole-food supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils for your body and recommend any needed dietary and lifestyle changes. The result is a personalized health improvement program that addresses your own body’s imbalances at the root and corrects its operation. Our goals are the same as yours – to achieve good health and to once again feel good – safely, naturally and effectively.

Trauma Release Technique

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Jessica began to notice that emotional trauma would often lead to physical changes within the spine. Once she began to ask more questions and employ emotional release techniques she began to see chronic pain and other health patterns disappear. Now she uses this daily to help her patients heal at a faster rate than they thought possible.

Dr. Jessica is certified in Emotional Freedom as well as several other Trauma Release Techniques.  These are quick and simple methods to rid yourself of damaging emotional baggage and “trapped emotions”. This technique is available for all ages, fabulous for adopted children, or situations where one may not know the whole story. Fantastic to determine if your issue is a result of an emotional block or inherited DNA process based upon new Epigenetic Telolmere research. This can be done with a Phone Consult as well!


A method of chiropractic that includes the whole body, not just the spine. Craniopathy’s goal is to remove physical stress from the nervous system, 80% of which resides in the skull. The types of conditions helped by Craniopathy are best demonstrated by what it can do for children and can produce dramatic changes in behavior, learning abilities, and motor skills. Many infants that have trouble feeding, have regurgitation, colic are usually helped by Chiropractic Craniopathy because the nerves that control sucking, swallowing, and digestion are cranial nerves, exiting from the base of the skull.


Massage is the art of relaxing superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.
At Health Inc., massages are designed around your needs. You choose a stress release, relaxation, or a sports medicine, acute injury session.


This is done by our licensed Massage Therapist, Call or Text Antonio at 205.218.7869 to book


Dr. Jessica offers in-person and online consultations to discuss your personal health goals, your desired outcome, and to help you formulate a plan for your success. To schedule, please click the button below.

Online Courses

Dr. Jessica offers a variety of online courses to educate and empower her patients. The video-based curriculums are simple, flexible, and give you the knowledge you need to make positive changes for your health. These are focused on Dr. Jessica’s Four Pillars Of Health and answer the most common question from within the clinic.

All Natural Family Doc

Launched in 2016, All Natural Family Doc is the online version of Dr. Jessica you know and love. She posts new videos weekly on a range of topics that focus on her Four Pillars of Health. The blog is free and can be accessed anywhere! This is also where you will find her online courses, reteats, events and online coaching.