Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Health inc Wellness Center is located at 50 Manning Place, Birmingham, AL 35242 in the town of Mt Laurel

What age ranges will you see?

Birth through End stages – We love caring for the whole family!

Will you do phone consultations if I am too far away?


  • Dr. Jessica is set up to do phone consults for Questions, Blood Work Reviews, and HNPT.
  • Dr. Russell is set up to do Telehealth after your first in-office visit. 
  • Micheal is set up to do phone consults for Questions, and HNPT.
  • Anna is set up to do phone consults for Questions, and Food Consults

    How do I prepare for a colonic?

    Before your colonic, make sure you drink lots of water.

    When you arrive, you will go to your private room and be guided through the process.

    During your colonic, you will lay on your back for our gravity-based table to flush the colon with coffee, oxygen, trace minerals, and personalized herbs to support the body. You will release everything into the table into the plumbing. 

    At the end of your colonic, you will be given the option to shower, but often this is not needed. 

    After your colonic, there is no recovery time. We do not recommend that you eat fresh fruits or vegetables for a few hours.


    Do you take insurance?

    Yes and no. We are proud to not have an insurance-based wellness center, as this allows us to focus and discuss healing options and support for you. Rather than only discussing what insurance would cover.

    All of the doctors are BCBS OUT OF NETWORK. This means we will submit BCBS for you after your visit, and you will receive a check in the mail from BCBS with your reimbursement, or it will go toward your out-of-network deductible. Usually, this is less than 7-10 days.

    You can request a super bill for all other insurance companies to submit yourself.

    Dr. Jessica will only submit the Chiropractic Exam, Visits, and Re-Exams and your reimbursements are based on your BCBS, Out of Network policy.

    Dr. Russell will submit all visits and your reimbursements are based on your BCBS, Out of Network policy.

    We do offer care plans. Care Plans are a way to stay on track with your wellness with a discount! We have several options for you to pick from. You can have multiple Care Plans based on the services you are loving! We can not submit insurance with a Care Plan or Membership.

    Do you submit Blood Work to insurance?

    No. We offer discounted labs to you at cost.

    How often should I come?

    This depends on what you are looking to accomplish. After your first visit, our staff will let you know how often we recommend. You can find our general recommendations on our New Patient Page.

    Do you offer Supplements?

    Yes, we have a wide range of natural supplements. All of our supplements are non-synthetic.

    Does the Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy have a recovery time?

    We recommend that you drink water before and after your appointment.

    There is nothing you can not do after your session. You may be sore for 24 hours as the stem cells set in.

    What is the difference between the Well Child Options?

    Both Dr. Jessica and Dr. Russell do Well Child Checks.

    They follow the CDC schedule for checks.

    • 2-5 days old
    • 1 month old
    • 2 month old
    • 4 month old
    • 6 month old
    • 9 month old
    • 12 month old
    • 15 month old
    • 18 month old
    • 2-year-old, then yearly after this.

    We referred to a local audiologist for a more diagnostic hearing test.

    To see Dr. Russell for the first time or to receive a newborn heel prick you must book a first visit. Subsequent visits can be booked under the well-child format.