Real Supplements

Supplements have become essential in a world where our food supply’s nutritional value is diminishing and synthetic additives are pervasive. However not all supplements are equal, and making informed choices is critical.

Many supplements are synthetic replicas of essential nutrients found in real food. Our bodies often struggle to process these synthetics, leading to imbalances and unexpected reactions. Understanding supplement labels is key. Dr. Jessica’s download, Reading Vitamin Labels, teaches you how to decipher labels to avoid harm.

Our experienced team creates personalized action plans with only the best reputable brands on the market. Your health deserves a well-informed approach.

We highly recommend not to order your supplements from Amazon, or any store that you have not done research on.

Throughout this page, you will find our favorite companies. You can pick up these products in office, or order them online!

Existing Health inc Patients

This link is only for existing patients who live in Alabama.

Standard Process

Standard Process offers whole food and herb-based products that help support the Four Pillars of Health and are free from pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals/filler ingredients that are often found in other brands of supplements.

Brain Food That Works

EpiMatter is a daily mineral supplement that supports brain health, cognition, and mood stabilization.

Each package is recyclable, resealable, and comes with 90 vegan capsules.

The Third-Party Testing confirms our product is 100% free of Gluten, Pesticides, Soy, Dairy, and GMO Ingredients.

Created by our family for yours.

Redmond Real Salt

Real Salt is salt exactly as nature made it – and the best-selling sea salt in America’s health food stores.

Recommended by medical professionals, fitness experts, and world-class chefs for its unique flavor and unrefined mineral content, Real Salt will make everything you eat taste better.

How to Receive a Discount:
  1. Click the “Buy Product” button below
  2. Select the product you want on the Redmond webpage
  3. Add to Cart and when prompted, enter “All Natural Family Doc” in the discount code box before checking out

Young Living

Dr. Jessica chose Young Living products to support her Four Pillars of Health because of their Seed to Seal guarantee. This means that any product purchase through Young Living abides by the highest quality of sourcing, science, and standards.

When you purchase any YL product, (using the link below) you will receive access to Dr. Jessica’s exclusive Our Essential Life community, providing you with access to educational tools, a private Facebook group, and opportunities to attend events and retreats led by Dr. Jessica and OEL leaders.

Dr. Jessica Referral Number: 1485252

Discount code for new accounts: SHAREYL

Biocidin Botanicals

A botanical combination with surprisingly effective broad-spectrum activity.

How to Receive Free Shipping:
  1. Click the “Buy Product” button below
  2. Select the product you want on the Redmond webpage
  3. Add to Cart and when prompted, enter “PD-F-JDM” in the discount code box before checking out

Speciality Products

These are more of the products we offer in the office, including Dr. Jessica’s special customer herbal blends.