Sybil M., Birmingham, Alabama

I want to take this time to thank you and your staff for helping to get me back on track to having a healthy life.  When I came to you a couple of months ago, I was in constant pain.  I had no quality of life.

I woke up one morning with pain in my back and shoulder.  I thought that I had slept wrong.  It continued to get worse each day.  For three months, I went to several different doctors and all I was offered was drugs (a LOT of drugs!), steroids, muscle relaxants, Lortab, you name it!  I could hardly function at work and it did little or nothing for the pain.

I was also given the option of being put to sleep and having an injection put in my neck.  The doctor said this might have to be done as many as three times.  I was told that if this did not work then there was always surgery.

After only a few months of treatment from you, I am no longer in constant pain.  I can play with my grandchildren, do light gardening, and actually sleep at night. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but until you suffer from constant pain, you have no idea how all of us take the simple pleasures of life for granted.

Writing this letter is not something that I would normally do.  But until I started coming to you I felt that I had lost all hope.  Because of your care and treatment, I am free of pain and no longer taking drugs.  I know that it will take me awhile to get my body up to par, but with your help I know that I will make it . . . I sincerely thank you and your staff.

Sybil M., Birmingham, Alabama