Light Therapy

Goethe, a German artist stated “all life originates and develops under the influence of light…”  Think about growing a plant in the dark vs. one who has ample time in sunlight and you will see this is true. Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said “all energy we take into our bodies is derived from the sun.”   The average teenage will have 15,000- 18,000 hours of television watching and 12,000 hours of school upon graduation—where is their time for sunlight??

In 1920 it was discovered that looking at different colors could augment the brain’s major control centers which regulate the bodies functions.  98% of the sunlight enters through the eyes and then 2% via skin. A significant percentage of the body’s new blood is irradiated by light as it circulates thought the vessels in the back of the eye effecting the immune system.  As the light travels back it hits the Pineal gland which is the conductor of the endocrine system  thus relaxing the stress response (90% of diseases are complicated by stress).  When a patient remains in a heightened state of stress their visual field becomes smaller causing them to view, remember and learn less and less.  In 2000 it was published that 86% of children with learning disabilities had a reduced visual field. [5]

By looking into a specific color for 20 minutes twice a day for 14 days you can reset much of the stress response via the eyes.