Whenever we have an outbreak, the most important thing you can do to avoid illness is to increase your body’s immune system–become immune to the virus itself. Only weakened systems become sick. In my world, we strengthen our immunity by focusing on our structure, nutrition, environment, and stress response.

On Structure: Having a family chiropractor is essential: every adjustment is an amazing boost to your immune system. Research suggests that chiropractic patients under regular care have immune systems that are 200-400% stronger than those who don’t. Exercise is another integral part of your immunity. Movement allows your lymph and colon to eliminate toxins better. By exercising, you not only gain the muscular and cardiovascular benefits that we all know, but you also help your system eliminate the very toxins that could compromise your natural immune response.

On Nutrition:  Corn, soy, and wheat have been altered so much that they no longer hold the key nutrients that our body needs to heal. In fact, research now shows that these foods compromise our immune system and hurt our liver’s ability to detoxify the body. The standard American diet includes a lot of sugar. With this sugar, we further compromise our immune system’s ability to defend out bodies. At Health inc., we recommend Whole30.com as a way to recalibrate your eating habits. After Whole30.com, you could follow a primal paleo eating system.

On Environment: Are you cleaning with any products that contain chlorine? If so, you are hurting your thyroid. Chlorine is a thyroid hormone inhibitor. Every 20 minutes, your thyroid checks your blood for immune stressors. The more the thyroid is stressed, the more pathogens sneak into your body.

On Emotions: What is your mindset around illness? Do you believe that these bugs are lurking around, ready to pounce on you, and that there is nothing you can do? Pharmaceutical companies are counting on you to believe this. One could say that they’re banking on it.

So this brings me to the new news topic:  EV-D68, which is a member of  the Picornaviridae family, a family that includes Polio.  EV-D68 is similar to the Rhinovirus, which is responsible for colds.

In fact, this is how EV-D68 starts out. And for many of us, this will be how it ends: A common cold. In an immune-compromised individual, EV-D68 can quickly progress into nausea, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. At it’s worst it is an asthmatic attack with vomiting.


Get adjusted, eat real foods, and eliminate sugars and processed chemicals from your diet.

To complement the above, use Thieves Oil and the Thieves Cleaning Solution from Young Living. These products kill viruses and bacteria. For your children, dilute Thieves Oil and rub it on their feet at bedtime and again before school so that you boost their immune systems.

Thieves Cleaner is an effective solution for cleaning countertops and surfaces without compromising your thyroid.

Standard Process’s Congaplex (either the kid’s chewable version or the adult capsules) is another way to support your immune system. Congaplex is an AMAZING food-based supplement that feeds your immunity and helps assist your child’s ability to fight fevers. For extreme illnesses, take up to 6 capsules an hour. From my experience, I have never had to do consume that many Congaplex for more than 2 hours in a row. It is that effective! Congaplex is a perfect supplement to keep around the house because it contains calcium lactate, a much-needed mineral for the immune system, and an amazing fever reducer on it’s own.

If you are in full-blown wheezing, dilute RC Oil and Raven Oil, and rub it on your chest like Vick’s. This solution helps to eliminate phlegm. You could also use Mediherb’s Broncafect and Resco as a cough syrup.

We are here for you and your health needs!

Signing off until the next contagion.

Dr. J