Today I felt like baking, it doesn’t happen often.  I was craving biscuits, hot flaky, piled with butter, steaming biscuits!   While telling the kids what I was going to make Pierce asks me “Mom what’s a biscuit?” to which Chloe answers “yumminess we don’t ever get.”  Gotta love paleo kids.

Tried a new recipe and doubled it – ½ way through realized I was going to waste a dozen organic free roaming i.e expensive egg yolks so a quick search of the gooracle produce a recipe for ice cream.

Here is the biscuit recipe- I chose it because it’s site is close to our new name web site (it’s coming soon and your reading our first Blog!)

When cooking with nut flours the first thing to remember is that they are heavy. And you can’t eat much of them- my littles only wanted one and I could barely get 2 down.  They are filling and they are not fluffy.  They are more like skipping stones, but they are still delicious.  I have 6 in my family, unless you too share a small sports team in your home you do not need to double the recipe.

 I have not tried them cold, as coming out of the oven with a fresh pat of organic butter and a dollop of honey eliminates all left overs in my home.

The ice cream recipe is a different story- I’m not a good complicated recipe follower- if you say add milk I add it not realizing you wanted me to save portions of it for later.  I highly recommend you read through “the how to make” twice unless you are just perfect at following directions.  Those of you who know me, please hold your giggles.

I modified this recipe by using coconut milk from the can instead of cream or milk, (this makes the product a protein with no sinus consequences).  I also did not have vanilla bean so I used two teaspoon of vanilla extract instead- you can skip the straining part at the end because of this.  I used coconut sugar and upon tasting the ice cream discovered I could have easily used ½ cup sugar as for our family it is WAY to sweet.

The out come was “WOW, Mom this is the best ice cream/biscuit breakfast we have ever made!!”  Which almost makes up for the fact that I have to go buy the book Bad Mother  upon the recommendation of my dear friend Elizabeth.